Living a natural, chemical free, and ethical life is all about making choices in the products you buy. Hipsley Green helps you with these choices by using natural ingredients derived from sustainable sources all wrapped up in recyclable packaging. You will find no hidden ingredients, no plastic and no unethical manufacturing from any of the suppliers.

All the products are handmade in the West Midlands to provide you with a range of products whether you want to start a natural skin care regime, use aromatherapy to enhance your wellbeing or provide a chemical free environment for your home. Hipsley Green products cover all these.

Through the workshops and the product range I am here to help you make natural choices when it comes to your skin care and life style choices.

Hi, I’m Caroline, aromatherapist, natural skin care formulator, teacher and founder of Hipsley Green.

If you have an interest in a natural lifestyle and want to choose bath, body and face products that contain 100% skin loving and all-natural ingredients then you are in the right place.

Through my workshops I teach you how to create natural products suitable for the whole family, leaving you with the skills to make your own products for personal use.




Want to start creating some products today?