How to use positive affirmations to forget negative thinking and sleep better (and how to write your own affirmations)

Too often the mind can keep us awake at night. Running through things we didn’t do, shouldn’t have done, could’ve done better or shouldn’t have said. Letting the mind take control in this negative way can severely impact our quality of sleep. If you are a nightly list maker, over thinker and negative critique’r you...
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How to bring aromatherapy into the home

Used for hundreds of years, aromatherapy can enhance a person’s wellbeing and provide a natural and beautiful aroma to the home. If you want the benefits of a natural aroma it is useful to know which are the best aromatherapy oils at home to use, along with knowing the best way to use them. But...
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DIY Face Mask for Acne

Tackling skin problems such as acne can be done with just a few ingredients found in the fridge. But which ingredients work when you want to make your own face mask for acne? Salicylic acid is an ingredient found in many acne products, it is also naturally present in strawberries. This makes strawberries an ideal...
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