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Natural Face Mask For Acne

Natural Face Mask For Acne


A dry face mask that deeply cleanses pores, gently exfoliates and moisturises. This preservative free mask is enriched with charcoal, honey, lemon, essential oils and clays making it an ideal facemask for acne, oily and blackhead prone skin.

It is suitable for all skin types but particularly suited for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. Use once a week as part of your natural skin care regime.


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Face Mask for Acne, Oily & Blackhead Prone Skin

A 100% natural powdered face mask that provides deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturised. Handcrafted from a unique combination of two clays, fruit powders, activated charcoal, essential oils and coconut powder to give skin a smooth and glowing appearance.

The combination of Green Clay, Fullers Earth Clay and Activated Charcoal help to draw out impurities from the skin, providing your skin with a deep pore cleanse and purification.

Clays absorb oil and impurities from the pores which help in preventing further blemish breakouts. With it’s high mineral content, Green Clay detoxifies and nourishes the skin by drawing out blackheads. Fullers Earth provides a similar benefit to Green Clay, giving skin a radiant feel.

Lemon powder gives this face mask a fresh aroma and also provides gentle exfoliation to the skin removing dead skin cells leaving the skin with a glowing look.

The dark colour of this face mask is attributed to the Activated Charcoal. Charcoal draws out impurities from the skin leaving pores tightened. It also has anti-inflammatory properties making it the perfect addition when treating acne prone skin.

Honey powder acts as both a natural cleanser removing dirt and dead skin cells from the skins surface. This gentle exfoliation will leave skin feeling smooth and soft.

Bergamot essential oil not only provides this face mask with an uplifting citrus aroma, it also has many skin loving properties too. Ideal for oily and acne prone skin, Bergamot balances the skin helping to regulate sebum.

This is a preservative free powdered face mask that is activated with water immediately before use. Blend two teaspoons of face mask powder with one teaspoon of warm water and make a paste. Apply to the face for 5-10 minutes before removing with water.

To use

As a facemask: Blend 1/2 teaspoon of powder with 1 teaspoon of warm water and make a paste. Using a brush or fingertips apply to face. Leave for 10 minutes. Remove with water or muslin cloth

As a cleanser: Blend 1 teaspoon of powder with 1 teaspoon of warm water to make a paste. Massage gently onto damp skin. Remove with water.

Makes on average 15 masks


Illite – Green clay

Zea mays starch – Cornstarch

Solum fullonum – Fullers earth clay

Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Milk Powder – Coconut powder

Charcoal powder – Charcoal powder

Mel & Maltodextrin – Honey powder

Citrus Limon Powder – Lemon powder

Citrus aurantium bergamia Fruit Oil – Bergamot Essential Oil




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