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Multi Mask Kit

Multi Mask Kit


When one face mask doesn’t solve all your problems, there’s Multi Masking.

Use different face masks to work with different skin concerns and give yourself a fresh customised facial treatment. Address all your issues at once by combining a selection of masks to make the best face mask to make your skin glow.

On some days you may suffer with an oily t-zone with outbreaks with patches of dull skin. Other days you may just need a gently exfoliation to brighten the skin. Multi masking makes it easy for you to cope with combination skin and adapt your treatment to whatever skin types you are dealing with.

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When you need the very best face mask to make your skin glow, there’s multi masking.

Take up to three different fresh face masks and actively target problem areas. Take control by choosing specific face masks to work on a specific areas. If you suffer from a combination of oily, congested and dull patches then using three different masks means you can make your masks work smarter.

Each multi mask kit contains 3 dry powdered face masks that together can help you with a range of concerns including break outs, congested skin, dull skin, dry skin, inflammation, ageing.

A 10g powdered face mask will make on average 3 fresh face masks.

This kit contains 3 x 10g powdered face masks and 1 x bamboo face cloth.

10g Pore Detox Face Mask – targets

congested | acne prone | blackheads | dull | large pored | sensitive 

Ideal for congested skin, Pore Detox uses a combination of clays and activated charcoal to deeply cleanse the skin. Containing natural anti-inflammatory, cleansing and exfoliating ingredients this face mask with purify, exfoliate and soothe and leave skin with a glow!

10g Blemish SOS Face Mask – targets 

irritated | inflamed | blemish | sensitive skin | uneven skin tone

With soothing clays, chamomile and lavender this face mask is ideal for skin prone to break outs. Combined with the soothing properties of vitamin B3 and B5 this face mask will soothe, heal and protect the skin.

10g Radiance Face Mask – targets

dry | dull | ageing skin

This skin conditioning and brightening face mask will leave your face with a radiant glow. The addition of cocoa powder gives this face mask its chocolate aroma and also provides it with moisturising and skin conditioning properties. Vitamin C and Allantoin are wonderful additions to this face mask, leaving skin feeling conditioned, nourished and hydrated.


These are preservative free powdered face masks that are activated with water immediately before use. Blend one teaspoons of each face mask powder with half a teaspoon of warm water and make a paste. Apply each face mask to the chosen area of the face for 5-10 minutes before removing with warm water and bamboo cloth.



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