Set the right mood for any room in your house and begin a love affair with these attractive and beautifully fragranced aromatherapy reed diffusers. Revive your senses with the unique aromatherapy blends perfect for a moment of inner peace.


Reed diffusers are the perfect way to bring a continuous natural aroma into your home. Using an eco friendly non-toxic diffuser base and a finely selected blend of essential oils there is a perfect diffuser for you.


Blended in a non toxic and eco friendly diffuser base you’ll benefit from the relaxing qualities for both body and mind.

This fresh citrus oil has a balancing effect on the on the mind and body. Its calming and balancing qualities make it a popular oil to use throughout the evening.

Clary sage
An uplifting essential oil often used to promote positive wellbeing . It has a sweet herbaceous aroma that is calming to the nervous system.

Coriander seed
This herb produces a fresh and lively essential oil that can energise the emotions. It is a refreshing and warming essential oil.

This beautiful flower provides a strong and uplifting aromatic aroma. Thanks to its cheerful floral aroma this essential oil is ideal when you need to put yourself into a good mood.

An essential oil that simply makes you feel good all over. Lavender has wonderful soothing qualities. With a light floral aroma it is a compulsory addition to any aromatherapy sleep blend.

A fresh burst of citrus aroma, lemon essential oil is a cheery and uplifting oil. In aromatherapy it is often used to clear and cleansing the air.

With an enchanting sweet citrus aroma, neroli is like a tender kiss goodnight for all the sleep lovers. It is a calming oil that has so many thereupeutic benefits.

Extracted from the leaves of the of the herb this essential oil has a warm, earthy and spicy aroma.

Extracted from the roots and heartwood of the Sandalwood tree this is an essential oil that offers many grounding and healing properties.
With an oriental and musky aroma it is warming and soothing to the emotions.

Sweet orange
A deliciously fruity essential oil extracted from the peel of the orange with a captivating fresh and uplifting aroma.

When you need to set the mood for deep relaxation, Vetiver is the perfect oil. With a deep woody evocative aroma it is often referred to as the oil of tranquility.

Ylang ylang
With an exotic and oriental aroma Ylang ylang essential oil is extracted from the yellow flowers.


To use simply remove the plug and add the diffuser reeds. For a stronger aroma add more reeds and for a lighter aroma use less.

Hand blended in the West Midlands using pure essential oils for a natural aroma free of any artificial fragrances.

This product is packaged in an attractive glass bottle that comes in a fully re-useable jute bag. An essential oil explanation leaflet and their therapeutic properties is also enclosed.