Beauty news skin care 2018

Beauty News Skin Care 2018

Like many industries, change is ever evolving. The natural beauty industry is no exception! If you don’t know your microbeads from your moringa oil or your superfoods from your superfads, here is a roundup of the natural beauty news of 2018 (so far)!

Plastic Microbeads

It was finally announced that microbeads were to be banned in all cosmetic products. What are microbeads and what does this mean to you? The concern over microbeads has been hitting the headlines for some time, and rightly so! Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are often used in facial washes, shower gels and toothpastes. Their purpose, to provide mild exfoliation.

The concern with these microbeads is not necessarily that they are in the product, but more with what happens to the plastic when it is washed down the sink. Due to their size these microbeads are not being captured in any water filtration system and are ending up directly into our rivers and seas.Microbeads end up in our rivers and seas

Once in the open water the plastic beads are ingested by animals such as fish. This in itself is not good news, however the problem does not end here. The beads sit in the stomach of the fish and turn toxic. What is not known is the impact on humans if these ‘toxic’ fish are subsequently caught for food. As the plastic is not biodegradable the cycle of plastic bead ingestion continues.

This, my beauties, means that if you are a fish eater there is a probable chance that you are also injesting these plastic beads too. More research needs to be carried out to quantify this and establish the effect that it has on humans.  Not only are we affecting our waters, our animals but we could possibly be affecting ourselves too.

The good news is that these plastic microbeads have now been banned and can no longer be used in cosmetic products in the UK. The banning of these tiny pieces of plastic may seem to be only a small part in a much bigger problem, however it is now paving the way to sorting out bigger problems.

Thanks to Sir David Attenborough, the problem of plastics in our waters has been highlighted. At the end of 2017 Blue Planet showed how much plastic was ending up in the oceans and the devastating effects that this was having. So whilst the ban on microbeads may only seem like a small step, hopefully there will bigger repercussions. Including perhaps a charge on coffee cups, smilar to the 5p plastic bag charge.

Veganuary 2018

Vegetables mix on wooden tableNext in the beauty news for 2018 is the success of Veganuary. This was a month long initiative promoting the vegan diet. How is a vegan diet different from a vegetarian one? With a vegan diet all animal derived products are banned, such as dairy and honey. In a vegetarian diet these products are allowed.

How is a vegan diet relevant to beauty you may wonder. In a previous post that discussed steps to improve your skin, I mentioned how eliminating dairy from the diet may have a positive effect on skin.

A vegan diet will also contain a high vitamin content. Vitamins A, C and E are fantastic sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed to repair skin tissue, especially when skin has been damaged from the sun and pollution. B-Complex Vitamins are essential for healthy skin and hair. They are comprised of vitamins B2, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12.

Want to know which foods you need in your diet? Use this Vitamin For The Skin guide and start eating the right food for your skin. A guide to the vitamins required in a plant based diet for healthy skin and hair

If you are looking for inspiration in following a plant based diet then this post by Lime after Lime is a brilliant starting point. Emma has put together some wonderful recommendations of vegetarian and vegan food dishes and bloggers. It is a great roundup and well worth the read if you are thinking of changing your diet to a plant based one.

Positive Self Image

Throughout 2018 I will be raising money and awareness for YoungMinds. This is a UK based charity that’s aim is to improve the mental wellbeing of children and young people. Negative body image can have a profound effect on a person’s mental health.

Before images are posted on Instagram / blogs / social media they are often edited, mine included!

The All Woman Project is about taking away this edit filter from the photographs. It is about celebrating the beauty of women no matter their age, looks or background. Skincare brand BABOR announced in January 2018 that they would be collaborating with the All Woman Project. Raising money and awareness through the sale of one of their beauty sets.

Enabling women and girls to feel more confident about themselves is certainly something that the beauty industry should actively be supporting. Hats off to this collaboration and may it be the beginning of many more.

Moringa, The New Superfood

Finally, in the round up of natural skincare news we have a new addition to the superfood line up. Moringa is the next super food. The oil offers many amazing skin healing properties, I for one am pleased to see it in the superfood group.

This oil supports a variety of skin types and conditions including dry skin and acne prone skin. It has anti-ageing properties and helps to rejuvenate dull and tired skin.

If you want to experience the benefits of moringa oil why not try the Hipsley Green cleansing balm. This multipurpose balm is handcrafted using only the freshest natural ingredients, including moringa oil. It is ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin, dry skin or acne prone skin. Use it as a cleansing balm, deep moisturiser, eye makeup remover and as a lip balm.

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