How to stop feeling anxious at night

Anxiety used to keep me awake at night until I started using these three natural products

As an aromatherapist I’m often asked for advice on how to sleep better and the best natural products to use to help you sleep.

When my anxiety levels were at their highest, my sleep quality was at its lowest. I was coping on roughly 4 – 6 hours of broken sleep per night. Utterly exhausted I began looking at natural ways to relax and help calm the mind before bedtime. I was training as an aromatherapist, so this was the ideal place to start. The aim was to have an undisturbed and quality sleep using only natural products.

Here are my top 3 products and the relaxation methods that I use every night to achieve my aim of sleep.

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  1. Lavender Pillow Mist

    Lavender sleep productsWhat is it

    This pillow mist is a spray that enables you to fall asleep with the natural aroma of lavender and bergamot lingering on your sheets.  It is a firm favourite for people looking for a natural sleep aide. The aroma sets the mood perfectly for relaxation with a blend of two beautiful healing oils that are ideal if you are looking for aromatherapy support at night.

    Why you’ll love it

    You’ll love the soothing aroma of bergamot and lavender essential oils comforting you as you sleep through the night. Use the lavender spray as a natural sleep aide and spritz over covers before retiring to bed at night.

    The blend of bergamot and lavender essential oils give this spray a soothing sweet floral aroma. The aromatherapy spray is a great way to unwind the mind after a busy day, or if you just want to enjoy a natural aroma of essential oils you’ll fall in love with this bedtime spray.

    The pillow mist is a 100ml fragrance free and alcohol free aromatherapy spray that has been blended to support you throughout the night. Lovingly handcrafted it brings the healing properties of aromatherapy into the home.

    Presented in an attractive blue bottle, the pillow mist is perfectly suited to any room. Use as a natural sleeping aide for your bedroom or as an aromatherapy spray throughout your home.

    Essential oils used

    Lavender – The ideal essential oil for sleep. It is renowned for its role in helping us to relax.

    Bergamot – Giving this pillow mist a slight sweet citrus aroma, bergamot has many healing properties too and provides support during anxiety or sleeplessness periods. The aroma is also uplifting to the mind.

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  2. Peace Aroma Roll-On

    What products help you sleepWhat is it

    This is a great product to use throughout the evening. It is a natural sleep remedy allowing you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy applied directly to the skin. Containing a blend of pure essential oils mixed in a carrier oil base this is an eco-friendly product. Use the roller ball applicator to apply the blend to your pulse points. When used on the skin, the essential oils are absorbed into the blood stream allowing the therapeutic healing properties to work on the body…whilst the aroma works on relaxing the mind.

    Why you’ll love it

    The Peace Aroma Roll-on is an all natural product blended with therapeutic oils. Its handy size means that it can be carried with you and used whenever you need it. The blend of essential oils is deeply relaxing and has a sweet yet deeply grounding aroma thanks to the inclusion of vetiver and neroli.

    Essential Oils Used

    Lavender has a light floral aroma and possesses many calming and relaxing properties

    Bergamot is a sweet fresh citrus oil that has a balancing effect on the mind and body

    Neroli is a delicate and calming oil that is extracted from the orange blossom flowers

    Vetiver has a smoky and woody aroma vetiver is an incredibly calming essential

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  3. Peaceful Eye Pillow

    Sleep wellness productsWhat is it

    With so many uses, the lavender eye pillow is definitely in my top 3 list of products to help you sleep. Although it is classified as a sleep accessory, the peaceful eye pillow has so many other uses.

    With a calming lavender aroma, the pillow can be used with other relaxing activities such as mediation or yoga. The pillow shapes to your face blocking out any light that would otherwise disturb you.

    Turn it into a lavender healing heat pad by warming in the microwave. When heated it can provide natural relief for muscle aches and cramps. If you are suffering from tension headaches try cooling in the freezer for 30 minutes and apply cool to the forehead.

    Why you’ll love it

    This is a handmade product filled with natural lavender buds and flax seeds. It is so versatile and can be used as natural relief for a variety of issues. It gently moulds to your face without pressing down on your eyelids making it a wonderful addition to meditation and yoga practices too.

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How does aromatherapy work and will it help me sleep?

Aromatherapy is a natural method that is often used to improve wellbeing. Through the use of calming and relaxing essential oils it encompasses a holistic approach to our health. The process of aromatherapy works in two ways; absorption through our skin into our blood stream and inhalation of the aroma. The aroma of certain essential oils can instantly make us feel more relaxed, purely because of the memory that the aroma evokes.

If you want to know more about whether aromatherapy can be used to help with sleep then this post covers the topic in more detail.

Tips when you still can’t sleep

Apart from introducing natural sleep products into your routine, there are also many other calming activities you can try before you go to bed.Free sleep meditation download

Switching off all electrical devices at least an hour before retiring is highly recommended. Not only does the interaction keep the mind active but the screen light can interfere with your natural circadian rhythm (in simple terms the light sends a signal to your brain telling it that it’s daytime rather than night time). This means no final email check on the phone as you turn off the bedside light.

Other relaxing activities can include a warm aromatherapy bath (try these DIY recipes if you’re looking for inspiration), reading or meditating (such as this free 10 minute one).

If you’re still having trouble getting to sleep try lying in bed and focusing on your breathing. This brings your mind to the present rather than allowing it to drift off into a world of unhelpful thoughts that often pop up in the middle of the night.

Quick breathing exercise to help you sleep

Lay down in bed and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing counting each breath up to 10. Count a breath in as one, a breath out as two. Carry this on until you get to 10 and then begin at number one again. As soon as your mind wonders just bring it back to your breathing and start counting again. With each breath notice how it feels on the body, how your lungs expand and deflate with each breath. Feel the tension leave your body with every breath out.

Other relaxation techniques to help you get to sleep

Affirmations can be introduced as part of your nightly routine. These are sentences that you repeat, a few times Use night time affirmation cards to set your intention to sleepbefore sleep on a regular basis. These words send positive thoughts to your subconscious rather than allowing the critical thoughts to enter the conversation!

Meditating has been used for hundreds of years as a way to relax and focus the mind. It helps the mind to stay in the present rather than getting disturbed with negative thoughts and feelings.

Taking a moment before bed to write in a gratitude journal can also help get thoughts out of the mind. Spending time looking back on the day in a positive way and looking at aspects that you are grateful for.20% Off discount code for use at

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Please do share in the comments your top relaxation techniques that help you to achieve a good nights sleep?