why you should choose fresh natural skin care products

8 reasons why you should be choosing freshly made skin care products


Having your skin care and aromatherapy products freshly made to order means you get the freshest product, but does this affect the price and quality of the product?A look at why you shoud choose freshly made skin care products

What does it mean when a product is advertised as handmade in small batches? What are you getting for your money if a product is freshly made to order and what effect does this have on the quality and price of the product?

You may have to wait a few more days to receive your product (it is being handmade after all), but here are 8 reasons why it is worth the wait.

1. Fresh natural skin care

Natural skin care means just that. You’ll find no parabens, no SLS, no synthetics and no fragrances.¬†Each product uses natural ingredients with each ingredient playing a particular role. For instance, in the award winning Soothing Cleansing Balm the ingredients include a range of oils, plant extracts and vitamins. Together these provide soothing and cleansing properties making it ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Read here for more information about the ingredients and why the cleansing balm won Editor’s Choice in the Beauty Shortlist Award

2. Handmade in small batches

Making a product in small batches means that each product is individually made. The system for making each product never changes and any problems along the way are quickly spotted. What this means is that an excellent quality control procedure is in place. With a number of sensory checks completed before a product can be signed off ready for sale.

3. Ingredients sourced from quality suppliers

In order to provide you with the freshest product it would make sense to only use fresh high quality ingredients too. Only suppliers who can provide freshness and quality are used, the supplier relationship has been built up over the past few years to ensure that only the best ingredients are ever received.

4. Best before date

The majority of natural skin care products will have a best before date of 6-12 months. A product spending time waiting as stock will be eating into its best before date. With a freshly made product you are guaranteed that the product would have been made prior to despatch and therefore, won’t have spent time in a warehouse for a lengthy period of time.

5. Products made in similar conditions to larger manufacturers

No matter the size of the manufacturer there are still legislations to follow. These apply to everyone selling skin care products within the European Union, no matter what their business size is. What this means to you is a product that has been made in the same conditions as larger manufacturers, adhering to exactly the same rules. The only difference being is that the manufacturing area is likely to be smaller and the number of people handling the product considerably less.

6. Price

Products that are freshly made to order encounter less wastage. Ingredients are ordered in as needed, making stock rotation a smaller process. Therefore, the price of the product does not need to be inflated to take account of stock wastage. Instead what you are paying for, is a product that is freshly made, using the best ingredients.

7. Preservatives

A product that contains water must have a preservative. When it comes to natural skin care there are natural alternatives available. A paraben is a form of preservative that should never be used in a truly natural skin care range. It’s long term safety has been questioned numerous times and a simple google search will provide a range of opinions on the subject of parabens. The reason for its use is due to it’s ability to keep a product preserved for a long period of time.

Preservatives in natural skin care will preserve the product, but for a shorter period of time, normally between 6 – 12 months.

8. Personal service

All the products have been personally formulated. If you have a question about the ingredients or a particular product then you can always drop me an email and I will respond to your queries personally. Perhaps you have a particular skin condition that you need help and advice with, or perhaps you want a bespoke product made up. A personal service means that your needs can be met.




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