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Easy DIY father’s day gift + FREE printable gift tags

Free downloadable fathers DIY gift labels

Father’s day is just around the corner so let’s celebrate all those amazing dads, granddads, stepdads or any other father figure who takes on the role of nurturing a child. I salute you all. If you are wondering what to gift these awesome men then let me help you. This year I am giving my dad a handmade gift. It is such an easy DIY father’s day gift idea and with the choice of ingredients being used makes this a truly luxurious gift.

The professional touch

Do you have a special bearded man in your life? If so then you might want to read on. I’ll show you how you too can make a truly professional beard oil that will match any shop bought product. What makes this one even better is that it is handcrafted by you using a formulation developed by me that will leave beards and chins all over the land feeling moisturised, soft and lovingly conditioned. Just don’t be surprised if your recipient puts in a repeat order.

Not only am I a skincare formulator, but I am a daughter too (to a bearded gentleman). This year I have decided to formulate a beard oil just for him and his beard. I don’t have time to search the internet for ingredient suppliers and wait for the items to be delivered, (whilst adding expensive delivery charge costs). For this recipe I am using ingredients that are easily found in high street health shops, which means you can too.

Criteria of a luxury beard oil

You want your beard oil to stimulate hair growth, and to offer conditioning properties. We also want the product to give the beard a nice natural shine and help with any itchy skin that may be causing irritation under the beard. The ingredients in the luxury beard oil include a blend of four carrier oils known for their soothing, softening and calming properties. It also includes two essential oils to add that final elegant touch.

There’s even some printable gift tags included at the end of this post to give your gift even more panache.

Where to buy the ingredients

The shopping list on the right is everything you need for this beard oil. All these ingredients can be found in your local health shops such as Holland & Barrett (I am not affiliated whatsoever with H&B. If your town centre is anything like mine then you will have many shops to choose from not just the big brand ones).DIY FATHER'S DAY GIFTS TO MAKE A SIMPLE BEARD OIL RECIPES

Looking at each ingredient individually here’s why you want to include them in your gift.

Argan oil

Many products designed for hair will include argan oil due to it’s ability to keep skin and hair looking healthy. It is also great for mature skin due to it’s anti-ageing properties.

The Argan tree, only found in Morocco, is often seen in pictures with goats climbing on its branches. The goats feed on the fruit and leaves of the trees and are able to climb 8 -10 metres to reach the food.

Moringa oil

With so many healing properties adding moringa oil to the beard oil is a definite must.

We are using it in the beard oil to soften the skin underneath the beard and heal any irritation. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for any minor cuts that may occur through shaving.

Castor oil

Castor oil will give the beard a beautiful shine. It will also help to keep the aroma from the essential oils stronger for longer.

Avocado oil

Another healing oil is avocado oil. Thought to stimulate hair growth it is a brilliant addition to this beard oil. High in vitamin E it provides antioxidant properties to the formulation. Antioxidants help prevent the signs of ageing by fighting the free radicals that destroy the healthy skin cells. Like the castor oil, avocado oil will also give the beard a wonderful shine and glossiness.

Mandarin essential oil

This is an uplifting essential oil with gentle and calming properties.

Sandalwood essential oil

From the resin of the Sandalwood tree, this essential oil works beautifully with the mandarin essential oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties which will help with itchy and irritated skin.

How to make your father’s day giftEasy DIY fathers day gifts

Once you’ve got all your ingredients it’s time to make your father’s day gift.

Equipment required

Measuring jug


Stirring utensil

Sterilised container for the beard oil – I used a green glass bottle to give this product a sophisticated look


  1. Measure out each ingredient carefully
  2. Blend together until combined
  3. Pour into sterilised container


When gifting your beard oil it is always recommended to offer some advice on how to use.

Explain that a patch test should be carried out first, if no reaction occurs after 24 hours then the product is safe to use. Patch testing should be carried out before using any new skin product, be it shop bought or homemade.

Download the labels below and then handwrite the following advice

To use: Apply a couple of drops to the fingers and massage the oil into the beard and chin. Use at night if skin needs extra hydration or calming

Safety: Patch test before use

Expiry: Use within 6 months

All that needs to be done is for your gift to be wrapped and labelled. Don’t forget to mention that it was handmade with love!



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