How to use aromatherapy oils in the home

How to bring aromatherapy into the home

Used for hundreds of years, aromatherapy can enhance a person’s wellbeing and provide a natural and beautiful aroma to the home. If you want the benefits of a natural aroma it is useful to know which are the best aromatherapy oils at home to use, along with knowing the best way to use them.

But before we delve straight into the essential oils and for those who are new to aromatherapy, here’s a brief overview of what the term aromatherapy actually means.

How to bring aromatherapy into the home

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is simply the term used to describe the use of essential oils. Extracted from plants, essential oils are often described by both their natural aroma and their wellbeing qualities. Lavender is perhaps one of the most widely known and used essential oils in the practice of aromatherapy. It provides a clean, fresh and floral aroma with many hidden benefits. It is often used in relaxing products due to its sedating qualities.

Aromatherapy offers many benefits to both the mind and body, this post explains how aromatherapy works whilst this post looks at who can benefit from aromatherapy.

How can you bring aromatherapy into your home?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to bring aromatherapy into your home is through diffusing essential oils. This allows the essential oil to become airborne and it’s aroma immediately present. There are a number of ways to diffuse essential oils.

Electrical diffusers use a mixture water and essential oil. When turned on a vapour is produced and the essential oil diffused.

A candle diffuser uses the heat from the flame to diffuse the water and oil blend that is placed in the well of the ceramic dish.

Aromatherapy reed diffusers offer a constant aroma to a room. The reeds draw up the pre-blended liquid base allowing the essential oils to gently diffuse into the air.

What are the best essential oils for the home?

How to use aromatherapy in the homeThis is all down to personal choice, however there are some essential oils that work particularly well in certain areas of the home. Here are a few for example

Essential oils for cleansing the home

Essential oils distilled from citrus fruits offer natural cleansing properties. They have sharp and fresh aroma to them. These essential oils include lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime.

Which essential oils are good as an insect repellent

Plants often need insects for their survival, however there are insects that do not serve this same purpose and this is where certain plants produce their own insect repellent.

Citronella is an essential oil commonly used in insect repellent products. Lavender and patchouli also make excellent insect repellents.

Essential oils to help you sleepWhich essential oils help you sleep

There are many essential oils that may offer help with relaxation. My favourites include lavender, neroli, vetiver and chamomile.

What is the best essential oil for studying

Uplifting essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, rosemary and lemon are used to focus the mind.

The recipe cards of three of my favourite blends can be found at the bottom of this post.

How does aromatherapy affect wellbeing?

We all experience aromas differently. A smell that one person loves, another may hate. Reminiscing of an aroma in a positive way will affect our emotions in a positive way too. Although this forms part of the therapy there is more essential oils therapy to come.

An essential oil is a chemical compound made up of many different elements. Each element gives the oil certain characteristics and these influence our wellbeing. For instance, lavender is often used as a natural way to calm an over anxious mind.The benefits of lavender essential oil

No two essential oils are the same, which is why each diffuser in the Hipsley Green home range is a unique blend of different essential oils. This synergy brings a unique aroma to each diffuser and also enhances the blends wellbeing properties too. For example by blending two oils that possess relaxing properties means that the blend will be more powerful than using the one oil on it’s own.

Aromatherapy in the home

The good news is that if you want to use aromatherapy oils at home then the new diffuser home range is a selection of blends. They have been blended to compliment the rooms in the home whilst still appreciating the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Aromatherapy for emotional well being | Retreat

Essential oils extracted from the wood of a tree provide grounding, support and balance to the mind. Sandalwood essential oil gives this diffuser a woody and mellow aroma. It is blended with orange and thyme to bring an uplifting and energising aroma to the diffuser too. The Retreat is a blend perfectly suited to an area of self care and sanctuary, such as the bathroom.

Cleansing essential oils | Fresh

With their wonderful uplifting aromas, essential oils expressed from citrus fruits bring a fresh and clear energy to any room. This diffuser has a delightful and lively aroma due to its blend of tangy grapefruit coupled with the sharp freshness of black pepper. The Fresh reed diffuser is ideally suited to a kitchen or toilet where you are looking for a natural vibrant aroma to dispel unpleasant smells.

Essential oils for deep meditation | Quiet

Resin essential oils are used to heal wounds of an emotional nature. When a tree is cut it produces resin to naturally seal the area. This healing energy is believed to be present in the essential oil too. The earthy aroma of myrrh is blended with patchouli and orange to provide a deep and grounding blend. The Quiet is a diffuser that will compliment any meditation practice.

Peaceful and calming essential oil blend | Peace

Representing new growth, flowers bring a new energy to the outdoors. Floral essential oils are used to calm and soothe the heart and mind. This calming and relaxing blend brings together the soft floral aromas of lavender and neroli with vetiver and bergamot. Peace is ideally suited to a room where a quiet and peaceful mind is required, such as the bedroom.

Uplifting essential oil blend | Joy

The beginning of any plant starts with a seed. Essential oils extracted from the seed offer support and nourishment to our wellbeing. This is a subtle yet refreshing blend consisting of coriander seed, clary sage, bergamot and lemon. Joy has a welcoming personality making it the perfect diffuser for any hallway.

Aromatherapy and stress relief | Haven

The root structure of a plant provides the anchor so that it can ground itself. They provide the nutrients from the ground to ensure the plant remains healthy and alive. Essential oils distilled from the roots of a plant are often used where there is worried, anxious and stressed mind. Blended with vetiver, geranium, sweet orange, coriander seed, patchouli and clary sage Haven is a diffuser used to promote a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Recommended room – the lounge.

Aromatherapy v’s fragranced blends

Aromatherapy blends differ from parfum or fragrance blends in that aromatherapy encompasses the essence of a plant whereas a parfum is a manufactured synthetic fragrance. To learn more about the differences between natural and artificial fragrances and the benefits that come with a natural fragrance this post may be of use.

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