How to market your products on instagram

How to use Instagram hashtags to market your Christmas range of handmade products?

You’ve spent hours on your handmade creative business crafting beautiful products, but how can you use Instagram as a tool for marketing your Christmas range of products?

Instagram is a wonderful place that allows you to showcase your products brilliantly, but with so many algorithm changes and a busier platform it’s definitely getting harder to be seen. But what if there was one hashtag filled with many unique products made by many unique creators, and all these creators marketed this one hashtag together?

Supporting each other

The creative business community is an amazing and supportive collective of people. So imagine if there was a hashtag that you could include in your posts with your Christmas product shots. Imagine this, a hashtag full of handmade products including yours. Imagine your Christmas products being shared by everyone using the hashtag (you’ll be sharing theirs too). Imagine an online Christmas gift brochure marketed by each and everyone who used the hashtag. Surely this could work! Surely together we can get people buying handmade this Christmas.


How to use instagram to market your handmade productsSo, good news there is a hashtag that you can use. It’s a hashtag that I would love to see filled with all your artisan Christmas gift products. It doesn’t matter what your handmade creative business is, if you made it and you sell it then the hashtag wants it.

Share and be shared on Instagram

The idea is simply that if you add to the hashtag then you share from the hashtag too. There’s no hidden agenda, you don’t need to follow anyone (unless you wish to). By working together we can become bigger. And Christmas is all about sharing the love, I’m still a big believer in the magic of Christmas.

Market your Christmas range

Upload your product image to your grid with #makersmakingxmas in the caption. Use all your normal hashtags too.

Follow the hashtag to see other products that have been added to the hashtag. If you see an image that you like then give it a like, give it a comment too if you have time.

But most of all share it! This is the bit that will make this hashtag work.

You don’t have to share it on your grid (I know that this is an area that may have been carefully curated) but you can share to your stories.

If we all share together then we all reach a much wider audience together. As I’ve previously said the more you share then the likelihood is the more you’ll be shared, which means your products being seen by new audiences. Which in turn will hopefully mean new customers for you.

What can I include in the hashtag

Anything that is handmade or falls under the remit of a creative business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Christmassy. If it makes a perfect Christmas present then include it, just make sure it’s a product image.

Who can use the hashtag

In a nutshell, everyone can!

Whether your a potter, a sculptor, candlestick maker, photographer, basket weaver, knitter, handbag designer, stationery designer, badge maker, bathbomb maker.

Basically, I think you know who you are.

How to share an instagram post to your storiesHow to share a post on Instagram

To share a grid image simply select the triangle shaped icon under the image and opt for the ‘Add Post to your Story’ option.

I am a firm believer in the adage of that the more you give the more you will receive.

So whilst it can sometimes be tempting to post and run, don’t. If you want your products to be seen by more people, then hang out with the hashtag and see what happens. We’re all busy, I so get that.

The way I get round this ‘busyness’ is by posting in the evening. This is a time that just works for me. It’s a time when I’m not trying to get two children out of the door whilst ironing a school shirt and making a packed lunch. It also means I have time to see what else is happening in the Instaworld that I love. I can sit and read captions properly and look at pictures and engage.

I’ll be sharing products from the hashtag on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If this principal works for you then do that too.

So to summarise

How to use instagram to market your products1.Post   2.Like  3.Share.

There is no requirement to follow anyone or tag others in comments, but if you do then that’s another InstaFriend you’ve just made.

I really can’t wait to see all the products that you wonderful handmade creatives make.

If you want to find me on Instagram then I’m on @hipsley_green, if you have any questions then send me an email or message me on Instagram.

And finally if you want to use the hashtag, do it.

I can’t wait to see you there.

Caroline x

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