With the aroma of pure essential oils captured in every blend you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy directly where you need it.


Using natural plant distilled essential oils blended in an alcohol free base, these aromatherapy room sprays are luxuriously handcrafted to bring the benefits of aromatherapy into the home.

Whilst the aromatherapy blend can benefit both mind and body the wonderful thing about aroma room sprays is that the are also perfect at tackling unpleasant odours, leaving your home naturally fragranced.


Blended using pure essential oils in an alcohol free base aroma room sprays are specially formulated to bring a moment of calm to your day.

This fresh citrus oil has a balancing effect on the on the mind and body. Its calming and balancing qualities make it a popular oil to use throughout the evening.

Renowned for it’s relaxing and calming qualities Chamomile is a comforting oil and is ideal for use during anxious moments.

An essential oil that simply makes you feel good all over. Lavender has wonderful soothing qualities. With a light floral aroma it is a compulsory addition to any aromatherapy sleep blend.

Sweet orange
A deliciously fruity essential oil extracted from the peel of the orange. With a fresh and uplifting aroma this essential oil is also very calming and is often used in blends treating stress related conditions or insomnia.

When you need to set the mood for deep relaxation, Vetiver is the perfect oil. With a deep woody evocative aroma it is often referred to as the oil of tranquillity.

Ylang ylang
With its exotic and oriental aroma ylang ylang is often found in many perfume blends. In aromatherapy it is often used to calm emotions due to its sedating properties.


Use the Lavender Pillow Mist as part of your nightly routine by spritzing into the air over pillows and duvets allowing the aroma to naturally calm the mind so that you can drift off to sleep.

When you need to create a peaceful moment in a chaotic day try using the Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange Room Spray. Spritz into the air as and when required.

Handmade using natural essential oils to mindfully support you, your wellbeing and your home.