Make a refreshing aromatherapy facial spritz

How to make your own natural face spritz and keep your cool.

If, like me hot weather brings with it a slight decline in productivity, why not try making your own natural face spritz? Not only will you know exactly what ingredients you are putting on your face but this face spritz will help keep you cool on the hottest of days.

A face spritz can be a single hydrolat used on its own, a blend of hydrolats or a hydrolat with essential oils added. They are designed to be sprayed onto the face to cool, refresh and hydrate during hot weather. By using a hydrolat face spritz you are also bringing many beneficial properties to your skin too. You don’t need to restrict your spritz for use in just hot weather or to using them just on your face. Try using it as a calming pillow spray, reviving room spray or as a cooling body mist.

Fancy trying it out for yourself? Why not download the free printable Face Spritz recipe card.

A face spritz can be as simple as a single Hydrolat or you could try combining two hydrolats together.

The first ingredient: Hydrolats

A hydrolat (flower water / hydrosol / floral water / plant water) is a bi-product from essential oil distillation. In order to extract the essential oil from its plant a number of methods can be used. One such method, and perhaps the most common, is steam distillation. What remains after the heating, evaporating and condensing process is water and essential oil.  As oil and water don’t mix, the essential oil floats to the top of the water and is then collected. The water that is left contains minute amounts of the essential oil, and it is this water that we call a hydrolat.

Hydrolats contain many skin benefiting properties and are a perfect addition to our facial spritz. They do contain some of the essential oil so their aroma is beautiful too. Hydrolats will keep for around 6 months and are best stored in your fridge. Most essential oils, carrier oils and hydrolats like to be stored in cool dark places so if you can, try and store them all in the fridge. A facial spritz will also feel lovely and cooling if used straight from the fridge.

Deciding on the hydrolat

Neroli (Orange Blossom) Hydrolat is suitable for sensitive or oily skin, but is best not used on dry skin.

This doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Either choose one to use on its own or blend a combination of hydrolats together. I love neroli, lavender and rose hydrolats individually, but I also love them blended together, particularly rose and lavender.

  • Neroli Hydrolat – a beautiful orange blossom hydrolat that works well with oily skin. Neroli is a calming essential oil so if you are feeling stressed using this hydrolat as a room spritz, face spritz or body spritz will be pleasantly calming to the emotions.
  • Lavender Hydrolat (do not add more than 40% lavender Hydrolat to your toner) – Where would aromatherapy be without Lavender? The essential oil has so many wonderful properties, from skin healing to emotional calming to cleansing. Lavender hydrolat is a worthy addition suitable with any skin type.
  • Rose Hydrolat – One of the most expensive, yet exquisite essential oils available is Rose. The reason for this is due to the 3 kilos of fresh rose petals required to produce just 1ml of essential oil. The hydrolat has many benefits to the skin and is particularly suited to normal to dry skin as well as mature and sensitive skin.
  • Geranium Hydrolat – Balancing, cooling and soothing and suitable for all skin types.
  • Peppermint Hydrolat – Great for cooling the skin. Try spritzing on tired feet too!

For a natural room spray or face spritz you could simply add a spray-top to the hydrolat and use as required.

Can I use water instead?

It is best to use a hydrolat rather than water. However, if using water a preservative must be added to ensure no bacteria nasties develop. As we are spraying this on to the skin we definitely do not want any nasties forming. If you choose not to use a preservative then you will need to throw away and replace the entire product after a few days and make a fresh new batch. The spritz must be kept in the fridge at all times too.

Hydrolats have many benefits that water alone simply does not have. For instance you can use neroli hydrolat as a toner in your skin care regime, or spray it on your pillows for a peaceful nights sleep.

Adding essential oils

If you want to add some essential oils to the hydrolat, this is possible too. You will need to add a solubiliser along with the essential oil. This will enable the essential oil to mix and disperse in the hydrolat. This really is a must, so please don’t skip this bit! If you don’t have a solubiliser then just stick with the hydrolat. You’ve got a beautiful product here with many skin benefitting properties so don’t feel you need to add essential oils.

Try also using Neroli (Orange Blossom) Hydrolat as a skin toner for oily skin after cleansing

There are good reasons as to why you must add a solubiliser. You really do not want to have pure essential oil floating on top of your hydrolat. To gain the ongoing benefits of using the essential oil it needs to be dispersed throughout your carrier i.e the hydrolat. This means that each time you use it you are benefitting from the essential oil. More importantly however, and this is the really important bit, you do not want undiluted essential oil on your skin. If you don’t dilute the essential oil you may inadvertently spray undiluted essential oil onto your body or face and that can cause problems. Even undiluted lavender essential oil used over a period of time can cause skin sensitisation. Essential oils are amazing products that can pack a punch but they should never be applied directly to the skin.

Unless you are a qualified aromatherapist treating a particular skin condition you must always blend an essential oil with a carrier product. This is normally oil but if using in water such as our facial spritz then the solubiliser will allow the oil and water to blend together. Hopefully I’ve got my point across as to the importance of the solubiliser here!

Essential oil safety

Which essential oils to add? You could use the same essential oils as the hydrolat to enhance the aroma of the blend. Or you could add a drop of peppermint and a drop of sweet orange to give the spritz a refreshing minty coolness. If you’ve not read up on the essential oil safety guidelines I would suggest you read this before using essential oils. Some essential oils may not be suitable for all people and some essential oils are phototoxic so we definitely don’t want to be spraying these onto our face on hot sunny days. If you are in any doubt just use a hydrolat on its own.

As we are spraying this onto our face we only want to add a couple of drops of essential oil. Spray onto the face from a distance of around 10cm’s to give a nice even coverage. Remember to close your eyes when spraying.

Spritz when required 😄.

Free DIY facial spritz recipe card

Hot Summer Day Face Spritz

Spray onto face whenever you need a pick me up or a cool me down

  • 60ml Hydrolat
  • 2 drops solubiliser
  • 2 drops essential oil (peppermint and sweet orange)
  • Combine your solubiliser with your essential oils and mix together.
  • Combine with your choice of hydrolat and give a good mix.
  • Pour into your spray bottle and spritz away (gently shake bottle before each spritz).














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