How to write an affirmation

How to use positive affirmations to forget negative thinking and sleep better (and how to write your own affirmations)

Too often the mind can keep us awake at night. Running through things we didn’t do, shouldn’t have done, could’ve done better or shouldn’t have said. Letting the mind take control in this negative way can severely impact our quality of sleep.

If you are a nightly list maker, over thinker and negative critique’r you may benefit from repeating positive thoughts before bed.Use positive affirmations for anxiety. Repeat inspirational and positive thoughts and talk to your subconcious in a kinder way

Affirmations are positive statements that work at a subconscious level that can help to inspire you to become who you want to become. Think about the amount of times a day you silently tell yourself negative or critical thoughts. More often than not these thoughts are quite simply lies that we repeatedly tell ourselves. This repetition causes our subconscious to eventually hold them as truths.

Instead of sending negative messages to the subconscious, affirmations work by replacing the negative messages with positive ones. Through repetition, these positive messages eventually become truths that your subconscious finally believes. When we believe in ourselves we are able to achieve the great things that we were born to do.

I am good enough NOT I am not good enough

During moments of stress and anxiety it is easy to slip into negative thinking, but this thinking can take control if you let it. Try stepping away from these thoughts and use affirmations to change the path.

It is often at night when we are trying to sleep that this negative thinking can be particularly disruptive and critical. Affirmations can be effective at night as they allow the mind to focus on positivity rather than letting it have free rein on everything that went on over the previous 16 hours.

When the mind is free to wander it can drag us down a rabbit hole. When occupied with worries and stresses from the day this rabbit hole can spiral out of control, preventing us from sleeping.

If this resonates with you try the following affirmation and repeat whilst lying in bed.

List of positive affirmations that you can write yourselfFirstly get yourself in a comfortable position, take three deep breaths and on the third breath close your eyes.

Now repeat (either in your head or out loud)

Tonight I attract positivity. I am a beautiful soul

Repeat as many times as you like focussing on each word.

If you find your mind starting to wander, try this gentle breathing exercise that I share on a previous post here>>>>

Once you have regained control of your mind you can begin reciting your affirmation again.

How many times a day should you do affirmations?

This is entirely up to you and can depend on what is happening in your life and the areas that you feel you need to focus on.

For example, perhaps you have a particularly stressful meeting which becomes your focus for the week. Therefore, this week it may be particularly important for you to focus on your past achievements.

The idea of carrying out positive affirmations is for you to achieve exactly what you want to achieve in life. Success doesn’t happen automatically and unfortunately a negative mindset can do such an enormous amount of damage in reaching your goals. If you believe you can’t you won’t, if you believe you can, you will!

How to write my own affirmations?

How do you practice positive affirmations and how to write your own inspirational affirmationsAlthough there are many affirmations available, sometimes we need to write our own. Knowing your own negative thinking means that you have the potential to change it to positive thinking. This may be a personal thought that no particular affirmation card covers, which is why you may find yourself wanting to write your own.

But where do you start if you are new to affirmations?

Try this simple guide below, if you want to save it for later then click on the image to open it as a PDF.

Firstly, choose your beginning.

For example;


Then choose your middle and your insert.

For example;

Today I deserve to attract opportunity

Then choose your ending

For example;

Today I deserve to attract opportunity and I am strongWrite your own powerful inspirational positive affirmations and target negative thinking

Use this as a framework and add other thoughts and feelings into it. This list of positive affirmations is not an exhaustive list, there may be positive thoughts that really resonate with you that I have not included on the list. It is ok to add your own and make these affirmations truly work for you and impact your mindset in a positive way.

Evening Affirmation Cards

These types of affirmation cards work in a way that allow us to let go of the day. Sleep allows us to process us events that have happened during the day but if these events are preventing us from falling asleep affirmations can help by refocusing the thoughts.

When to use affirmation cards. Use at night before going to bed or througout the dayThe Evening Affirmation Cards have an enchanting night time design to help you set your intention for a deep and peaceful sleep. You’ll also find included in the pack two blank cards for you to write your own personal affirmations on.

Each card has a different design and a different affirmation, each pack contains 10 affirmations.

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