Inner Peace Gift Set

Inner Peace Gift Set


More and more people are discovering the beauty of aromatherapy.The Inner Peace Gift Set combines three of my personal favourite products. These are the products that I use every single night.

Peace Aroma Roll-on

Peaceful Eye Pillow

Lavender Pillow Mist


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The Inner Peace Gift set is my favourite choice of products to use every night.

The combination of the Lavender Pillow Mist and Peaceful Eye Pillow work in harmony to emotionally soothe and calm a frazzled mind. Use during meditation or whilst sleeping to find your inner peace.

Place the handmade eye pillow over closed eyes and let it gently shape to the contours of your face blocking out any disturbing light. The pillow is filled with lavender buds and flax seeds and can be heated or cooled to provide a natural aid for symptoms often brought on by stress, such as headaches and muscle tension.

Apply the Peace Aroma Roll-on to your pulse points, breathe in the aroma and relax, allowing yourself to become fully present in your moment of peace.

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