Feather Dream Catcher

Feather Dream Catcher


The feather dream catcher, a wonderful addition to any home



A boho handmade macramé dream catcher, with coloured feathers, is a stylish addition to your home.

Macramé wall hanging above the bed

When placed above the bed, dream catchers are said to ward off bad dreams. All dreams, both good and bad, go through the dreamcatchers. The bad dreams are entangled within the web and perish with the first morning light. Good dreams are able to pass through the web and slide down the feathers to the sleeper below.

Aromatherapy wall diffuser

This feather dream catcher will add a modern macramé touch to any room.  When hung this dream catcher can be used as a wall mounted aromatherapy diffuser. Within the web, lava stone beads have been added. Lava beads are perfect for diffusing essential oils due to their porous nature. This gives the beads a unique ability to absorb essential oils. To use simply add a drop of essential oil to each bead.

Each macramé feather holds 3 lava beads which will delicately diffuse therapeutic essential oils. Hang in any room to naturally fragrance with beautiful aroma of essential oils.  For a stronger aroma apply a drop of essential oil to each bead, or for a lighter aroma use less beads.
A beautiful wall mounted aromatherapy diffuser so that you can benefit from the healing aroma of essential oils.

Healing properties of the dream catcher

Along with the essential oil lava beads this Aztec dream catcher also holds an amethsyt crystal at the centre of the web. The crystal healing properties of amethyst are thought to rid the body of negative emotions.
The feather dream catcher makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a friend, a beautiful new home gift or to have as a perfect addition to your home décor.

Recycled cotton macramé wall hanging

Each dream catcher is hand made in the West Midlands. In order to make each product as ethically and as sustainable as possibility only recycled cotton is used. This authentic dream catcher is hand woven using recycled cotton for the feathers, natural hemp twine for the web and natural lava stones. Essential oils are not included with this dream catcher, however If you wish purchase an essential oil blend then please see our best selling essential oils for lava beads.
Each piece is individually made just for you so please expect your item to be ready for dispatch within 1-2 weeks from placing your order.
If you would prefer a different colour please do get in touch so that I can share with you some other colour options.


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