Lavender Eye Pillow Leaf – Herbal pillow for sleep | meditation | yoga | pain relief

Lavender Eye Pillow Leaf – Herbal pillow for sleep | meditation | yoga | pain relief

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A fragrant handcrafted lavender eye pillow providing benefits to both health and wellbeing.

Filled with soothing lavender buds and flax seeds, the eye pillow can be used as a naturally relaxing product for use during sleep, meditation or yoga practices .  With its natural healing properties it can also be used heated or cooled to provide relief from stress and tension related issues.

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The beautifully scented eye pillow with its attractive floral leaf design offers support at night time when you are needing a deep and peaceful sleep.

Place over the eyes whilst lying down in bed and let the healing aroma of lavender gently relax and calm the mind ready for sleep. When placed over the eyes the pillow blocks out any disturbing light helping you to achieve a deep and tranquil sleep.

This multipurpose eye pillow can also be used to heal stress and tension naturally. The combination of heat and lavender provides natural relief to many stress related issues. Heat the aromatherapy pillow in the microwave and use as a heat pad for sore shoulders and necks. Measuring approximately 20.5cm x 11cm the pillow is conveniently sized and can be discreetly placed under clothing allowing the heat to soothe muscle tension.

Alternatively use as a cooling headache pad by placing in the freezer for 30 minutes before applying to the forehead. The aroma and the coolness provides soothing relief to headaches, sinus problems and migraines (full instructions are provided).

Place over the eyes during yoga or meditation practices and gently breathe in the calming aroma and enjoy the relaxing properties of the lavender. When used as a yoga pillow the lavender bag will block out any imposing light so that you can create an aura of serenity and find your inner peace. Use the meditation eye mask to support your yoga practice and  promote a healthy wellbeing.

The cotton outer cover is fully washable and covers a sealed inner bag containing 50g of lavender buds and 50g of flax seeds which allows the herbal pillow to gently mould over your eyes.

Using only natural ingredients this is a perfect product to support natural health and wellbeing. Take a moment during periods of tension to refocus and balance the mind and have a peaceful moment away from the chaos of everyday life.

The eye pillow is suitable for anyone looking at using natural products to promote a deep and peaceful sleep and positive health and wellbeing. With its natural healing herbs it would make a perfect gift for anyone who practices yoga or meditation or suffers from stress and tension in their body or is looking for natural ways to promote sleep.

Natural healing benefits of the Lavender Eye Pillow

  • Moulds to the contours of the face and blocks out light
  • Individually hand sewn and filled with 50g naturally healing lavender buds and 50g flax seeds.
  • The outer cover is fully washable.
  • Acts as a heat pad for use on tense muscles
  • Use as a cool pad for stress and tension related headaches
  • Use over the eyes during meditation and yoga practices or when lying in bed ready for sleep.
  • Handmade in the West Midlands
  • Approximate size is 20.5cm x 10.5cm
  • In stock and ready for immediate delivery

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 10 cm

1 review for Lavender Eye Pillow Leaf – Herbal pillow for sleep | meditation | yoga | pain relief

  1. Natasha

    Really lovely smell, nice sized and good for resting over your eyes / forehead but can also be used as a hot pack for other parts of the body. Love the leaf pattern on mine too! Speedy delivery and good communication from Caroline.

    • Caroline

      So pleased to hear that you love the eye pillow.

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