Sleep Self Care Package #1

Sleep Self Care Package #1


A relaxing delight for any aromatherapy lover!

The Sleep Self Care Package #1 comprises all of your favourite products from the Peaceful Moment collection. Delightful presented in a natural jute bag so that you can keep your favourite night time products all in one place.

  • 100ml Lavender Reed Diffuser with natural rattan reeds
  • Hand sewn lavender eye pillow
  • Pack of enchanting evening affirmation cards
  • 100ml lavender pillow mist
  • 9.5ml Aromatherapy PEACE pulse point roll-on

Lie back and enjoy a deeply peaceful sleep with this natural aromatherapy gift set. Using a winning combination of pure essential oils known for their relaxing and supporting properties. Each product has been individually created to help you calm a busy mind at night so that you’ll fall in love with going to bed.

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Experience the joy of aromatherapy with this beautifully presented Sleep Self Care Package #1. Ideal for anyone looking for natural aromatherapy support throughout the evening and night.

Sleep is your bodies natural healing mechanism, if outside factors are affecting your sleep quality then your wellbeing can start to suffer. Using naturally therapeutic essential oils the Peaceful Dreamer set offers relaxation to the mind and nightly support.

Lavender Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

Gently diffuse a subtle and continuous aroma of lavender with this non toxic 100ml aromatherapy reed diffuser.

Begin your tranquil and peaceful journey to sleep with the comforting aromas of lavender and bergamot essential oils. This 100ml aromatherapy reed diffuser comprises pure essential oils blended in a non toxic and environmentally friendly diffuser base.

Lavender Sleep Pillow Mist

Spritz your sheets and pillows before sleep with the soothing 100ml lavender pillow mist.

Blended with all the right healing ingredients to support you throughout the night.

Positive Affirmation Cards

Take control of an overactive mind with this exquisite set of positive affirmation cards.

With their stunning and enchanting design that captures the night sky, these nightly affirmation cards come with 10 different affirmations. Repeat affirmations last thing at night and help let go of the day and set your intention for a deep and peaceful sleep.

Aromatherapy Roll-On Sleep Remedy

Apply the aromatherapy 9.5ml roll-on to your pulse points and benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Blended with 4 deeply relaxing essential oils to help you reach your ideal sleep goals.

Lavender Eye Pillow

Lovingly handcrafted to offer the ultimate relaxation accessory to your nightly sleep routine.

Filled with lavender buds and flax seeds, the eye pillow can be placed over the eyes. Lie back and let the soothing aroma calm the mind. Use to enhance your meditation and yoga practice too. Can be warmed and cooled to offer additional natural therapeutic benefits.

The Sleep Self Care Package is presented in a re-useable and re-cyclable jute bag enabling you to keep the contents handily next to your bedside table.

Everything you need to create a tranquil and peaceful environment has been finely crafted for this gift set. For those who demand a beautiful and natural aroma using ingredients that have been sourced within the UK this gift set is the perfect choice. Get back to nature with the hidden healing properties of essential oils.

Customise your gift set by choosing your preferred lavender eye pillow.

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