Sweet Dreamer Gift Set

Sweet Dreamer Gift Set


A delightful gift set that brings you the two most popular night time products in a handy miniature set, an ideal gift for any traveller.

Beautifully displayed in a white gift box with full instructions provided for use.

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Nurture yourself whilst away from home with this miniature sleep travel set comprising of two of the most popular night time products.

The Sweet Dreamer Gift Set consists of the full sized Peace Aroma roll on (9.5 ml) and a miniature sized Lavender Pillow Mist (10 ml). Use together to promote relaxation naturally through aromatherapy.

Apply to Aroma Roll-On to your pulse points prior to sleeping and enjoy the therapeutic blend of calming essential oils. Spritz the Lavender Pillow Mist into the air over pillows and sheets before retiring for the night.

Peace Aroma Roll-On (9.5ml)

  • Pre-blended with 4 soothing oils of lavender, bergamot, neroli and vetiver
  • Roll-on applicator providing convenient on the spot aromatherapy support, whenever and wherever you need
  • 9.5ml blend of therapeutic essential oils blended in a base carrier oil
  • 100% natural ingredients

Lavender Pillow Mist (10ml)

  • No synthetic fragrances
  • 10 ml pillow spray blended with two relaxing essential oils

Keep away from animals and small children. If you are pregnant or have any underlying medical issues you are advised to speak to a doctor before using some essential oils.

Natural allergens occurring from essential oils: d-Limonene, Geraniol, Linalol, Citronellol, Citral, Farnesol, Benzyl Alcohol


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