Relax into your perfect peaceful moment with the wonderful healing properties of aromatherapy.

Indulge in the benefits of balancing and relaxing essential oils through the collection of diffusers, aromatherapy sprays and essential oil blends. Gently diffuse a natural and healing aroma into your home to create a tranquil environment perfect for restoring calm into your day.

With a range of products, accessories and gift sets you can discover how aromatherapy can benefit you, your wellbeing and your home. 

The Peaceful Moment collection can be used as part of your nightly routine when you need essential oils to help you gently unwind from the day.  

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Imagine falling asleep with the gently aroma of relaxing essential oils gently diffusing on your bedside table. The nightly affirmations have been set and you are now ready to peacefully enjoy a tranquil sleep. Welcome to the Peaceful Moment collection. Handmade using natural ingredients you’ll find a range of products blended to support you through your nightly routine so that you can begin your journey into the land of nod.

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Using aromatherapy products can naturally help you to create that perfect place in which to fall asleep. Whether you’re looking for hints on how to create the perfect bedroom setting or want to know the best essential oils to help with sleep, have a look at the latest blog posts for tips and advice.

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