4 ways we’re focusing on teenage mental health this year

Within the first three days of 2018, concern over teenage mental health had already hit the headlines.

As many as 1 in 10 children and young people suffer a diagnosable mental health problem. Striving to be perfect in every possible way is leading to a generation suffering mental health problems more than ever. With this in mind, here’s why I think focusing on teenage mental health is something that we should all take seriously.

Teenage struggles

If you asked me to recall moments from my teenage years, I really struggle. This is a chunk of my life that I have erased from my memory. I do remember at 15 years of age truly believing that everyone I knew hated me and being full of self loathing.

This was the result of two years of relentless name calling, bullying and being ostracised in the school playground. Thankfully I didn’t have social media to contend with too.

I became an angry teenager full of self doubt, low self esteem and a belief (that is still deeply ingrained) that I would never be good enough. I wasn’t mentally strong enough to deal with it all.

This was thirty years ago but was the foundation of my mental health development. What occurred in those teenage years had a huge impact on my life. I may not remember specific events within these teen years but I remember how these events made me feel. These feelings then turned into the negative beliefs that I held about myself.

I grew up in a loving and caring family so I know for a fact that there were happier moments. Unfortunately these have been overshadowed by the darker ones.Hipsley Green supports the work of YoungMinds

As a parent

Now I’m a parent to a couple of young people I am fiercely passionate in ensuring that they come through their teenage years with as much self confidence and self belief as I can give them. Of course we have the hormonal emotions flying around the house that you would expect from living with a teenager. I just hope I can give them a safe and a solid foundation from which they can learn, develop, experiment and be the person that they want to be.

Available help

With so many expectations put on young people today it pleases me that there are places that we can all go to for help. Whether it be as a concerned parent or a troubled teenager.

Maybe my life would have taken a different path had I known where to go for help at 15? This, however is a huge ‘what if’ and not really worth devoting any of my focus to.

Instead my focus is on talking about these issues, raising awareness and fundraising for YoungMinds. YoungMinds is a UK based charity providing support to young people suffering with mental health problems.

Focusing on teenage mental health in 2018

  1.  YoungMinds is a UK based charity committed to improving the mental health and well being of young children. By supporting YoungMinds throughout 2018 I am hoping, that through Hipsley Green, we can help raise money and raise awareness of this much needed charity.
  2. I’ll be talking alot about teenage mental health and hope you’ll join in the conversation too. You’ll find me talking on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  3. My Safe Place, an aromatherapy perfume, is blended with calming and supportive essential oils. I use it to help me get through the tougher moments in life. Throughout 2018, 10% of the profits from every sale of My Safe Place will be donated to YoungMinds.
  4. In July this year team Hipsley Green will be taking part in the Jurassic Coast Challenge. Walking 25km along the South’s coastline raising money for YoungMinds. Let the training commence!

If you want further information about YoungMinds or require their help please click here YoungMinds is Hipsley Green's charity of the yearHipsley Green supports the charity YoungMinds, championing the wellbeing and mental health of young people in the UK

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