10 Reasons why handmade aromatherapy products are worth the cost

At a recent craft fair I was asked why aromatherapy products are expensive.

I love to listen to feedback so that my products can be suited to your needs but why do some people see products as expensive where as others see them as being worth the cost?

10 reasons why buying handmade aromatherapy products are absolutely worth the price tag

1. Aromatherapy is a trained skill

It is not simply a case of adding one drop of lavender to your pillow and suddenly you can call yourself an aromatherapist, although if you’re having trouble sleeping the lavender on the pillow technique may work for you.

There is no governing body that determines your ability to call yourself an aromatherapist, however many practicing aromatherapists are keen for there to be one. My training has involved examinations, case studies, continuous research, diploma qualifications and constantly updating my skills. Whilst these training costs are not included in any product costs it does mean that there is a lot of experience and method that goes into putting a product together. You need to look at the skills of the person behind the blend just like you would any other profession.

2. Essential oils vary in price

The term aromatherapy means the use of essential oils.

Essential oils are derived from plants and some plants produce a greater yield than others. This is why a price variation between oils exists. For example, it takes roughly 30 – 50 roses to achieve 1 drop of essential oil. This makes Rose one of the most expensive oils available. If a product contains rose then this will be reflected in the price tag, but believe rose is a beautiful oil and well worth the high price tag.

I want everyone to benefit from aromatherapy and natural ingredients, which is why you’ll find a variety of prices throughout the range. The higher priced products contain higher priced oils. The same amount of blended essential oils go into every diffuser, but the ratio between oils can be changed. In an ideal world we would fragrant every room with aromatherapy which is why each month I produce a diffuser which will always only cost £18. It will always have the same percentage of blended aromatherapy oils in it as all the other diffusers and it will still have a wonderful aroma.

3. How I choose the blend of essential oils

There are many stages that need to be thought through before a product gets blended. I definitely don’t go on pinterest and take a pick. There is a little bit of science to it too.

When you buy handmade aromatherapy products you may wonder what you are getting for your moneyDefine the problem

The first step is to define the problem. PEACE diffuser has been blended as an aide to sleep and it started with this principal. The essential oils included in this blend are neroli, vetiver, bergamot and lavender. Whilst each essential oil works well on it’s own, the synergy of them together works even better. This allows the oils to work in harmony with each other.

Chemical makeup of the essential oil

After defining the problem I next look at the chemical makeup of each essential oil. Just like a jigsaw puzzle I want all the pieces to fit together. Combining the four oils in the sleep blend means that each oil supports each other to achieve the bigger picture. In this case being as an aide to sleep.

The aroma

This final bit has got to be the best bit. Blending the selected oils together to achieve that perfect aroma. Adding a few more drops of one oil can make a massive difference to the whole blend. This is a slow drop by drop process.

When you compare an artificial fragrance, which is a synthetic manufactured product with an essential oil you may find that the aroma is similar but the chemical make up is not. Which is why fragrances do not have any therapeutic properties whereas essential oils do.

4. Not all essential oils are distilled equally!

Unfortunately essential oils can be adulterated in their production. This is in effect ‘waters down’ the essential oil,  with chemicals and/or alcohol. These are ingredients that you wouldn’t want in a pure essential oil.

By only using suppliers that provide the necessary documentation allows me to be sure that only pure essential oils are used in every product. Essential oils sold cheaply are unlikely to be pure essential oils and therefore their use will not be therapeutic like that of a pure oil. An essential oil with a cheaper price tag cannot be compared with another oil without looking at all it’s batch documentation.

5. Small business pros and cons

When you shop from a small business you receive a very personal service. You will get expert advice along the way from a person who is passionate about the product. There is no 9-5 set up. Emails are likely to be answered out of normal office hours, engagement on social media is responsive.

With small handmade businesses you will know exactly who made your product, when they made it and what ingredients it was made with. If you need advice about the correct product for you then you will get it directly from the expert.

The downside of this personal service is scale and  MOQ (minimum order quantity). Buying in bulk means the best possible price is achieved, but unfortunately small businesses don’t always have the budget or the space to buy in bulk. This means that we generally have to pay more for ingredients and packaging.

Having said this small businesses also offer many discounts and sales. If you want to get 20% OFF every time you shop at Hipsley Green you can. You can sign up here to get your VIP code. Whilst you are subscribed to the VIP Club you can use the code as often as you like, every single time you shop.

6. Personal service

When you order from a small business you receive a personal serviceI touched on the personal service in point number 5 but think it needs a point of it’s own.

Personal service is what makes small businesses. You get to see the inside of the business, you can hear the values and the ethos coming through in their social media posts. You’re likely to have almost developed a friendship with the business before your first purchase.

Every product that is handmade has such an acute attention to detail and it is these little touches that makes small businesses so unique. Perhaps you want to purchase the PEACE reed diffuser but you don’t like the aroma of lavender. By shopping through a small business there is that opportunity to approach the maker, to see if the lavender could be substituted with something else (which of course it can be) and make this product personal to you

7. Therapeutic properties

If you are thinking that aromatherapy is all about the smell then let’s see if we can change that thinking.

Aroma and therapy make up aromatherapy!

There are so many therapeutic properties that essential oil’s possess. You’ll find essential oils being included in skin care, in wellbeing products and in spiritual healing. With aromatherapy you get the benefit of a natural product, a beautiful aroma and many therapeutic properties too.

If you want to learn more about how aromatherapy can support your wellbeing then you can download my FREE eBook here >>> How To Use Aromatherapy To Support Your Wellbeing

8. Don’t compare unless it’s like for like

There are a variety of reed diffusers on the market with prices starting at £3. If you are looking to fragrance a room in any way possible then this option may be perfectly suited to you. Before you select this option then you may want to read this post on why an aromatherapy diffuser is good for your health.

If you want to fragrance your room in a natural way using pure essential oils with the added benefit of it potentially having therapeutic properties, then you will not achieve this at a low price.

9. After care

Remember every time you order there really is a very real happy person doing a very real happy dance. That person has carefully put together the product and will carefully package it so that it reaches you in perfect condition. They will then follow up with a personal email to thank you for your purchase and make sure that you are entirely happy with your product.

10. Added extras

… And finally you get value, expertise, passion and a whole lot of love added to every product.

If you want the benefits of aromatherapy in your home then why not try the new reed diffusers.






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